Pre-Breakers and Gut Cutters

These machines have been proven in hundreds of processing and rendering facilities in Australian, NZ, South Africa, South America and Asia.

Models range from 3T/hr up to 37T/hr.

Byproduct Size Reduction for the Meat Processing Industry

Brentwood Pre-breakers and Gut Cutters are the best solution for effective and consistent sizing of bone and offal.

Brentwood's range of Pre-Breakers and Gut Cutter are the result of many years of reserch and development in conjunction with the CSIRO with the aim of developing efficient and robust machines for use in the byproducts areas of abattoirs.  The result of this effort are a range of machines that have been installed in most Australian and New Zealand abattoirs and are reknown for their efficiency and reliability.

With machines ranging in production capacity from 4T/hr up to 35T/hr, there is a Brentwood Pre-Breaker or Gut Cutter to suit every application.


Videos of our Pre Breakers and Gut Cutters