Brentwood Shredders

Brentwood Shredders have been part of the solid waste processing industry for over 30 years.

With proven reliability and performance Brentwood can also customise a shredder to suit your requirements.

Brentwood AZ15WL

With a wider grab than the AZ15, Brentwood's AZ15WL can be applied to a wide range of applications.

The AZ15WL is a 15kW shredder with a wider distance between shaft centres than the AZ15.  This unit has 182mm between shaft centres compared to 129mm on the AZ15 which allows larger items to be effectively grabbed.  Suitable for paper, plastics, product destruction, wood offcuts, light metals and car oil filters.


Key Features

  • 1 x 15kW drive
  • High torque/low speed
  • 60mm hexagonal shaft for superior strength
  • Wider "grab" than AZ15 for shredding larger items
  • Planetary reduction gearbox
  • High surface hardness/high core strength repairable alloy cutters
  • DOL, Smart Start, and Eco Vari Drive control options with auto reverse and overload protection.
  • Wide range of cutter widths and hook types to suit different materials and output size requirements
  • Wide range of infeed and discharge options
  • Australian made for Australian conditions