GICOM In-Vessel Composting

Brentwood have developed an exclusive arrangement with Gicom of Holland to distribute Gicom technology and plant in the in vessel waste composting market in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

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Brentwood Recycling Systems is proud to represent GICOM in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.


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GICOM In-Vessel Composting Plants

Working Environment

To protect workers at the composting facility the GICOM system encloses several protection measurements:

GICOM plant at Deurne
  1. The entire (closed) facility has extensive air conditioning, so the total air volume can be refreshed one or several times per hour;
  2. At several positions in the facility, where dust, keimes and spores have possibilities to come into the working environment (f.e. at screens, conveyors, shredder etc.), special climatisation units (including dust and spore filters) are installed;
  3. In case frontend loaders are used, they are equipped with special overpressure units to protect the driver;
  4. Detailed safety procedures for personnel.

The GICOM plant at Deurne, the Netherlands is the first composting plant in Europe where all measurements to protect workers are being installed and where at the same time the new (European) regulations are being met!