Foam Densification Technologies

Fast, efficient and sophisticated densification processes that reduce waste volume and prepares material for commercial reuse

Product density increased by up to 90%.

The Avangard Innovative Thermal Densification Process

Thermal densification is for pure material only and combines a rotating screw within a thermal environment to squash and melt the material too an effective density of one tenth it’s former state. A mesh filter ensures a purified product which is then ready to be melted down for remoulding. Thermal densification produces a smooth skinned product that more effectively maintains its shape than the cold formed product. The achievable density reduction accross the range is 90%.

All machines incorporate a small Pre-Shredder to prepare material for the densification process and have a working capacity of between 25 and 1000 kg per hour. All machines are hand fed, however bulk feeders are available for the high volume machines.

Which Machine is Right for Me?

Model FD10V2 FD 10V3 FD 12 FD 15 FD 25 FD35  
Volume Reduction 90:1 90:1 90:1 90:1 90:1 90:1  
Output Capacity up to (kg/hr) 25 25 68 100 136 450  
Electrical 1.5kW, 240V, Single Phase 2.2kw, 240V, Single Phase 5.5kw, 415V, 3 Phase 11kw, 415V, 3 Phase 18.5kW 415V 3 Phase 50kw, 415V, 3 Phase  
Machine Weight (kg) 195 320 340 680 772 4500  
Dimensions (mm) 939x838x1371 1092x685x1651 1092x685x1651 1295x1117x1727 1473x1295x1854 3048x1041x4500  
Inlet Opening (mm) 444x330 552x425 552x425 635x381 635x406 1500x900  

Material Produced

Operator Safety

Conceptual design of guard, also showing exhaust attachments

 Brentwood and Avongard Innovative offer machines that satisfy the high operator safety standards in Australia. The machines are all provided with the following essential safety items applicable to Thermal Densifiers with pre-shredders:

  • Safety Guard to protect operator from hot outlet and melted EPS at the outlet. The guard allows easy removal and positioning of the moulds. Each model densifier uses guards of different design and is subject to change.
  • Electrical system to Category 3 Safety standards - required due to moving machinery and potential for injury
  • Exhaust fume attachments for fitting (by the operator) of piping to allow release of odours and fumes away from operators